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Custom Ag Formulators
Mark Hensley
(509) 405-5076

Custom Ag Formulators
Mike Williams
(209) 201-4903

Custom Ag Formulators
Brandon Williamson
(769) 203-0236

Magna-Bon II, LLC.
Frank Miele
(800) 845-1357

Custom Ag Formulators
Ricky Bass
(863) 673-1940

Reister’s Grower Services
Ron Reister
(616) 887-9933

Custom Ag Formulators
Chris Naylor
(910) 990-5266

Custom Ag Formulators
Patrick Murray
(559) 681-3100

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Magna-Bon International LLC is the exclusive worldwide distributor for Magna-Bon II LLC.

Currently, our products are available in Argentina, Brazil, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Mexico, Spain, and more.

For more information, contact:

Joel Agler