Magna-Bon Agricultural Control Solutions

Magna-Bon produces a wide range of exceptional agricultural products uniquely different than any other on the market today. Magna-Bon solutions have widespread applications and are highly potent replacements to toxic chemicals!

Based in Florida, family owned and operated Magna-Bon II, LLC. has been serving Florida’s agriculture community for over 20 years in the area of algae and bacteria control. As the needs of the growing community have changed, Magna-Bon has diversified to better serve those needs.

“Magna-Bon II LLC has formally been recognized in conformance with: ISO 9001:2015 certificate of registration; and has been granted a Certificate of Registration to: Manufacture and Distribute a Variety of Liquid Copper Algaecides, Bactericides and Fungicides for Agricultural and Commercial Industries”

With the rapid spread of Citrus Canker disease throughout Florida, Magna-Bon has been working diligently to help growers with safe and cost-effective solutions that will help to protect crops and profitability! With years of research, our portfolio has expanded to cover a wide variety of fruit, citrus, vegetables and nuts!

Make sure to check our product line including:

Agri-San: Our copper sulfate pentahydrate formulation used on ornamentals and non-edibles. Agri-San is a bactericide and fungicide that when used with the appropriate volume of water;  provides systemic, curative, and preventative activity on a broad spectrum of bacterial and fungal diseases as listed on the label.

CS 2005 – Our OMRI-listed, copper sulphate pentahydrate that is an environmentally friendly bactericide fungicide that offers proven results through multiple levels of control on a range of specialty fruits, vegetables, citrus and tree nuts.

Rid-A-Guard – Decontamination – for Citrus Canker, is USEPA approved for for both equipment and clothing treatment in Canker Wash Stations and Decontamination.

CS 2005D – Defoliation; sprayed at 4 ounces per 1 gallon of water.  Magna-Bon CS 2005D will defoliate your trees within 3-5 days with new foliage beginning within 4-6 weeks.

If Every Dollar Counts, you can not afford to use anything else!

Less Copper, More Power!