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Magna-Bon has been serving the needs of the Florida citrus community for over 15 years!

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Cost effective and easy to use, Pro-Tek can help you keep critical systems operating at peak efficiently

Less Expensive, Non-Corrosive and Extremely Effective!

Magna-Bon CS 2005 offers growers a unique and effective OMRI-listed, copper sulfate pentahydrate that is an environmentally friendly bactericide fungicide that offers proven results through multiple levels of control on a range of specialty fruits, vegetables, citrus and tree nuts. Research proves lower copper rates increase yields for growers.

Watch our video to see how CS 2005 can help you combat disease!

Key Crops

Tomorrow’s Copper, Today!

Based in Florida, Magna-Bon has been serving Florida’s Agriculture community for many years in the area of algae and bacteria control. As the needs of the growing community have changed, Magna-Bon has diversified to better serve those needs.

With the rapid spread of Citrus Canker throughout Florida, Magna-Bon has been working diligently to help growers with safe and cost-effective solutions that will help to protect crops and profitability.

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