The Magna-Bon Defoliation Program: Working to provide the Citrus Industry with Economical Solutions

Use MAGNA-BON CS 2005D For Defoliation of Orange and Grapefruit Groves

Sometimes, when Citrus Canker infestation of a tree is so severe, defoliation is the best option for putting that tree back on the track to renewed health.  Magna-Bon CS 2005D is your solution.

For use as a defoliant on Orange and Grapefruit trees, mix 4 (four) fluid ounces of Magna-Bon CS 2005D per 1 (one) gallon of water.  For best results, CS 2005D should be applied by a backpack or handheld sprayer.  When mixing, add ¼ to ½ of the required water to the spray tank, then add the CS 2005D and the remaining water. Agitation is not necessary.

Very Important – Spray until the affected are is wet to ensure complete coverage of the foliage.  The applicator should use a sprayer that ensures complete coverage.
Complete coverage is essential.

Leaf defoliation will take 3-6 days.  New foliage will begin within 4-6 weeks.