Combating Anthracnose from Years of Severe Infection….

Combating Anthracnose from Years of Severe Infection…. (Grower Testimonial) We had the opportunity to speak with an apple grower who has farms in California and Washington. For years, they had issues with anthracnose in apple blocks until we introduced them Magna-Bon CS 2005! Here is Eric’s testimonial… I just double checked the experimental orchard here […]

Canker Treatment Uses Less Water & Copper

An important bacterial disease that affects citrus trees and causes lesions, citrus canker has been effectively controlled by spraying copper. However, standard management techniques involve spraying excessive amounts of copper and water without consideration for the size of the trees. “This technique resulted in a waste of resources as well as higher costs, detrimental environmental […]

Grape Grower Finds Success Controlling Powdery Mildew!

We simply love hearing success stories of CS 2005 with our growers and do our best to share with you! Magna-Bon CS 2005 continues to have tremendous success for growers. Wine and table grapes are no different, so when we received this grower testimonial we just had to share! The back story… JW Ray had […]

Growers Reporting CS 2005 Controls Algal Stem Blotch!

Algal Stem Blotch is a blueberry disease that has been on top of mind of researchers throughout the Southeast lately. If you have been to Florida Blueberry Growers Association or North Carolina Blueberry Council, you’ve heard the seminars from researchers such as Renee Allen, UGA and Dr. Phil Harmon, Professor and Extension Specialist UF/IFAS Plant […]

Dr. Adaskaveg Research Confirms Controls Bacterial Spot!

Almonds trees can be host to an assortment of diseases including bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic or phytoplasmal. These diseases and how to control them were the topic of Dr. Jim Adaskaveg’s presentation during 2018 North Valley Nut Conference hosted by West Coast Nut in conjunction with the UCCE Butte/Glenn Counties Almond and Walnut Day at [...]

Control Program for Citrus Canker

The Magna-Bon Program is used to control Citrus Canker in your Grove; not only in the infested areas, but the surrounding areas also, the program needs to commence ASAP as follows: This program is for blocks with Canker infestations otherwise known as, “Hot Spots”. The remaining grove should be sprayed every 21 days with 100 […]