We Believe In Florida Citrus…

Precise Copper Formulation For more than 15 years, Magna-Bon has been helping citrus growers reduce copper toxicity in the soil. Our product, CS 2005, uses less than a quarter pound of copper per acre compared to several pounds with conventional coppers. With soil toxicity, this will drastically affect yields in the grove. Our systemic copper […]

Canker Treatment Uses Less Water & Copper

An important bacterial disease that affects citrus trees and causes lesions, citrus canker has been effectively controlled by spraying copper. However, standard management techniques involve spraying excessive amounts of copper and water without consideration for the size of the trees. “This technique resulted in a waste of resources as well as higher costs, detrimental environmental […]

Control Program for Citrus Canker

The Magna-Bon Program is used to control Citrus Canker in your Grove; not only in the infested areas, but the surrounding areas also, the program needs to commence ASAP as follows: This program is for blocks with Canker infestations otherwise known as, “Hot Spots”. The remaining grove should be sprayed every 21 days with 100 […]

Magna-Bon Presents Rid-A-Guard!

Magna-Bon has been serving the needs of the Florida citrus community for many years in the area of algae and bacteria control. As the needs of the citrus community grow and change, we too have grown and have diversified ourselves to better serve you. The rapid spread of Citrus Canker throughout South Florida has everyone […]