Combating Anthracnose from Years of Severe Infection….

Combating Anthracnose from Years of Severe Infection…. (Grower Testimonial) We had the opportunity to speak with an apple grower who has farms in California and Washington. For years, they had issues with anthracnose in apple blocks until we introduced them Magna-Bon CS 2005! Here is Eric’s testimonial… I just double checked the experimental orchard here […]

Fire Blight Management in a Changing Climate & Future Research

Research by Dr. Kerik Cox regarding Fire Blight can be found on Slides 18 – 41 on the slideshow below. Pay special attention to Slides 39 – 40 as you will see Magna-Bon CS 2005 has confirmed control on Fire Blight! An Information Sheet overview can be found here: Dr. Kerik Cox Research Trials Information […]

Promising Alternatives To Antibiotic Fire Blight Control

Fire blight can be a devastating bacterial disease to apple and pear trees, no matter what region. For years, organic pear and apple growers have relied on oxytetracycline and streptomycin — two effective antibiotics — to protect their orchards. As of Oct. 21, 2014, both will no longer be options for them. The phase-out of […]

Fire Blight Success Testimonial from Apple Grower!

Magna-Bon CS 2005 Saves West Virginia Apple Orchard from Fire Blight! We simply love hearing success stories with our products. Here is the backstory... Larry is an apple grower in West Virginia and has had very severe fire blight in his orchard the past several years. Here is the testimonial that he sent us! For [...]

The Perfect Match Combating Fire Blight!

Spring is right around the corner and as history has shown, the season for fighting fire blight is upon us. I’ve had the opportunity to read many articles for pome fruit growers to prepare for a mighty season. However, there is perfect match to combating this devastating disease. A typical shepherd’s crook is shown on [...]