Other products may accomplish the same kill rate, but none do it as cost-effectively as Rid-A-Guard!

We are all in search of new weapons against Citrus Canker, but in order for any solution to emerge as a viable one, it has to be effective in controlling and eradicating the problem as well as being cost-effective and easy to implement.  These are the driving principles behind the development of Rid-A-Guard!

One Gallon of Rid-A-Guard produces 1,000 Gallons of CCEP Approved Canker Wash Station Spray!

The table below compares Rid-A-Guard to a widely used competitor’s product based on Hydrogen Peroxide.

Magna-Bon Rid-A-Guard Brand X
EPA Certified Yes Yes
Recommended Dilution 1:1000 1:100
Cost Per Diluted Gallon $0.06 $0.36
Kill Time 30 Seconds 30 Seconds
Residual Kill Capacity Lasts Weeks Gone When “Bubbling Quits”
Safety: Skin Irritation Score 0.04 0.85
Safety: Use with Equipment Non-Corrosive Highly Corrosive
Suitable for Use in Canker Wash Stations Yes No
Formulated Especially For Citrus Various Fruits & Vegetables
Professional Applications Refferals Always Available:  800/845-1357 N/A
Primary Lab Testing From BioScience Laboratories BioScience Laboratories