Videos are a great way to share our research without having to read extensive data!

Below is a video research recap of for Tree Fruit including Apples, Cherries & Pears!

Combat disease in Apples, Cherries and Pears with Magna – Bon CS 2005!

Our copper sulphate pentahydrate in-solution formula is OMRI-listed and proven

to control disease such as Anthracnose, Apple Scab, Blossom Blast, Bacterial Blast,

Bacterial Canker, Collar Rot, Crown Rot, Coryneum Blight, Cherry Leaf Spot, European Canker

and Fire Blight in tree fruit! Research by Dr. Kerik Cox of Cornell University confirms

CS 2005 has 92% to 100% control of Fire Blight in Apples! Research by Ken Johnson of

Oregon State University confirms 99% control of Fire Blight in Pears! Also, research by

Dr. Jim Adaskaveg of UC Davis confirms CS 2005 controls 98% of Bacterial Blast in cherries!