Crop Disease Rate per Acre
per 100 gal. of water

ppm’s (copper)
per 100 gal.of water


Peaches*, Nectarine

Bacterial Blast (Pseudomonas), Bacterial Canker,
Bacterial Spot (Xanthomonas), Coryneum Blight (Shot Hole) Leaf Curl, Blossom Brown Rot

51.2-76.8 oz.

200-300 ppm

Make first application before fall rains and a second at late dormant. For each leaf curl,late dormant application must be made before leaf buds swell. Use the higher rates when rainfall and disease pressure is high. If needed, agricultural spray oil may be added.Full cover spray at pink bud.

Peaches*, Nectarine

Bacterial Spot

18.0 lb.2

19.2 oz.
Dormant, Late
Dormant 7days
Bloom/growing Season

5 days3

75 ppm

1.5 lb.1

Post-bloom application applied at first and second cover sprays.
NOTE: Do not spray 3 weeks prior to harvest. Use only recommended rates. Spotting of leaves and defoliation may occur from use in cover sprays.

1Maximum per Application Rate (lbs Cu2+/A)
2Maximum Annual Rate (lbs Cu2+/A)
3Minimun Retreatment Rate (lbs Cu2+/A)
*Not Permitted in California
Permitted only in Washington State and Oregon**