Crop Disease Rate per Acre
per 100 gal. of water

ppm’s (copper)
per 100 gal.of water



Brown Rot, Downy Mildew, Phomopsis, Powdery Mildew

20.0 lb.2

19.2-32 oz.

3 Days3

75-125 ppm

3.0 lb.1

 Begin applications at bud break with subsequent applications throughout the season depending on disease severity. Use the higher rates when conditions favor disease.
NOTE: Foliage injury may occur on copper sensitive varieties such as Concord, Delaware, Niagara and Rosette.
NOTE: For table grapes, spraying up until harvest is acceptable. For all others discontinue spraying 15 days before harvest.

1Maximum per Application Rate (lbs Cu2+/A)
2Maximum Annual Rate (lbs Cu2+/A)
3Minimun Retreatment Rate (lbs Cu2+/A)
*Not Permitted in California
Permitted only in Washington State and Oregon**