We Believe In Florida Citrus…

Precise Copper Formulation For more than 15 years, Magna-Bon has been helping citrus growers reduce copper toxicity in the soil. Our product, CS 2005, uses less than a quarter pound of copper per acre compared to several pounds with conventional coppers. With soil toxicity, this will drastically affect yields in the grove. Our systemic copper […]

Combating Anthracnose from Years of Severe Infection….

Combating Anthracnose from Years of Severe Infection…. (Grower Testimonial) We had the opportunity to speak with an apple grower who has farms in California and Washington. For years, they had issues with anthracnose in apple blocks until we introduced them Magna-Bon CS 2005! Here is Eric’s testimonial… I just double checked the experimental orchard here […]

Research Trials Tackle Bacterial Blast in Cherries!

When conditions are favorable during cold, wet weather during bloom, bacterial canker and blast can be devastating to say the least! Jim Adaskaveg with UC Riverside describes the conditions below that lead to it. According to Dr. Adaskaveg, UC Pest Management Guidelines: Symptoms are most obvious in spring, and include limb dieback with rough cankers [...]

Fire Blight Management in a Changing Climate & Future Research

Research by Dr. Kerik Cox regarding Fire Blight can be found on Slides 18 – 41 on the slideshow below. Pay special attention to Slides 39 – 40 as you will see Magna-Bon CS 2005 has confirmed control on Fire Blight! An Information Sheet overview can be found here: Dr. Kerik Cox Research Trials Information […]

Tackle Phomopsis Twig Blight with CS 2005!

After participating at The Blueberry Growers Association – Virtual Spring Field Day Trials, which during this time of the year Phomopsis twig blight is a hot topic! Did you know CS 2005 is labeled for Anthracnose, Bacterial Canker, Fruit Rot, Phomopsis Twig Blight and showcasing great results with Algal Stem Blotch in blueberries? Phomopsis twig […]

Canker Treatment Uses Less Water & Copper

An important bacterial disease that affects citrus trees and causes lesions, citrus canker has been effectively controlled by spraying copper. However, standard management techniques involve spraying excessive amounts of copper and water without consideration for the size of the trees. “This technique resulted in a waste of resources as well as higher costs, detrimental environmental […]

Research Video Recap for Tree Fruit!

Videos are a great way to share our research without having to read extensive data! Below is a video research recap of for Tree Fruit including Apples, Cherries & Pears! Combat disease in Apples, Cherries and Pears with Magna – Bon CS 2005! Our copper sulphate pentahydrate in-solution formula is OMRI-listed and proven to control disease […]

Research Trials for Almonds and Walnuts Video!

Dr. Jim Adaskaveg Research Trials for Bacterial Spot in Almonds and Walnut Blight in Walnuts Video! Videos are a great way to share our research without having to read extensive data. Below is research overview by Dr. Jim Adaskaveg regarding Bacterial Spot in Almonds and Walnut Blight in Walnuts! We appreciate you taking the time […]

Magna-Bon Helps Florida Grower Sell Crop During COVID!

When Florida Grower® magazine’s State of the Vegetable and Small Fruit Industry Survey was sent to readers for input, the coronavirus outbreak was in its earliest days. As growers responded to the survey, more normal considerations were top of mind. Even then, more than half of respondents believed the virus would directly impact their crop markets. As we evaluated […]

They Rot in the Field – Orlando Sentinel Editorial Coverage

We have always prided ourselves in being a true partner with the farmers across the United States and around the world. Over the last couple of weeks through the pandemic of COVID-19, after seeing several social media posts of growers having issues of not being able to sell crops we decided we were going to […]