Managing Bacterial Spot in Tomatoes!

  It’s become a full time job to keep up with all the great research articles that are being produced these days! Often, we find articles related to our specific solutions such as bacterial spot in tomatoes! We may not have been included in this particular trial but have outstanding results with bacterial spot! You […]

Modern Reduced-AI Copper Fungicide Products

Should you be using some of the modern reduced-AI copper fungicide products on YOUR treefruit crops in 2020? If you’ve been following Frank Miele of Magna-Bon around for the past several years, you must have heard conversations about The Wayne County Fruit Grower Tour and Winter Meetings with Jeff Alicandro. Tucked away in Upstate New […]

Promising Alternatives To Antibiotic Fire Blight Control

Fire blight can be a devastating bacterial disease to apple and pear trees, no matter what region. For years, organic pear and apple growers have relied on oxytetracycline and streptomycin — two effective antibiotics — to protect their orchards. As of Oct. 21, 2014, both will no longer be options for them. The phase-out of […]

Combat Bacterial Blast with CS 2005!

Bloom in Almonds is almost here and with a wet winter, bacterial blast will set in! Interestingly, when there is a high frequency of blast, the very similar disease of bacterial canker appears a few weeks later in young trees. Both of these problems are complicated. They involve the bacterium Pseudomonas syringae, plant stress which […]

Growers Reporting CS 2005 Controls Algal Stem Blotch!

Algal Stem Blotch is a blueberry disease that has been on top of mind of researchers throughout the Southeast lately. If you have been to Florida Blueberry Growers Association or North Carolina Blueberry Council, you’ve heard the seminars from researchers such as Renee Allen, UGA and Dr. Phil Harmon, Professor and Extension Specialist UF/IFAS Plant […]

How to Beat Bacterial Fruit Blotch in Watermelon!

The name Gene McAvoy in the Florida vegetable industry is synonymous with a true veteran of the industry. Anytime Gene speaks in front of an audience, everyone listens. This is no different! We read articles on a daily basis and every once in awhile one stands out, just like this one “Ways to Beat Bacterial […]

Dr. Jim Adaskaveg Research Confirms CS 2005 Controls Bacterial Spot in Almonds!

Almonds trees can be host to an assortment of diseases including bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic or phytoplasmal. These diseases and how to control them were the topic of Dr. Jim Adaskaveg’s presentation during 2018 North Valley Nut Conference hosted by West Coast Nut in conjunction with the UCCE Butte/Glenn Counties Almond and Walnut Day at [...]

Research Confirms Systemic Capabilities with CS 2005!

Research by Dr. Jim Graham Confirms Systemic Capabilities with CS 2005! 10.1  Trunk Injection of Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate (Magna-Bon CS 2005) Affects Expression of HLB HLB is caused by a phloem-limited bacterium that is unlikely to be directly contacted by bactericides such as copper (Cu) formulations applied to the plant surface. The objective was to […]

Dormant Sprays for Disease Control in Blueberries

I recently came across a great article referring to disease control in blueberries from Michigan State University. Here is the link to the article on MSU website: With the mentioning of our copper Magna-Bon CS 2005 for controlling Phomopsis twig blight and other canker diseases, we wanted to share a little more in depth [...]