We Believe In Florida Citrus…

Precise Copper Formulation For more than 15 years, Magna-Bon has been helping citrus growers reduce copper toxicity in the soil. Our product, CS 2005, uses less than a quarter pound of copper per acre compared to several pounds with conventional coppers. With soil toxicity, this will drastically affect yields in the grove. Our systemic copper […]

Combating Anthracnose from Years of Severe Infection….

Combating Anthracnose from Years of Severe Infection…. (Grower Testimonial) We had the opportunity to speak with an apple grower who has farms in California and Washington. For years, they had issues with anthracnose in apple blocks until we introduced them Magna-Bon CS 2005! Here is Eric’s testimonial… I just double checked the experimental orchard here […]

They Rot in the Field – Orlando Sentinel Editorial Coverage

We have always prided ourselves in being a true partner with the farmers across the United States and around the world. Over the last couple of weeks through the pandemic of COVID-19, after seeing several social media posts of growers having issues of not being able to sell crops we decided we were going to […]

Modern Reduced-AI Copper Fungicide Products

Should you be using some of the modern reduced-AI copper fungicide products on YOUR treefruit crops in 2021? Tucked away in Upstate New York with countless old farm homes that scatter the area, Wayne County is the 4th largest apple growing acreage in the US. Jeff consults for a vast majority of the growers in […]

CS 2005 Saved Our Tart Cherry Harvest!

We know you, the grower are hard at work day in-day out. So when we receive testimonials, we love to share them! We’ve been using this particular positive note for a few years now but you can tell how genuine it is! CS 2005 saved our Sweet Cherry Orchards from a severe case of bacterial canker […]

Fire Blight Success Testimonial from Apple Grower!

Magna-Bon CS 2005 Saves West Virginia Apple Orchard from Fire Blight! We simply love hearing success stories with our products. Here is the backstory... Larry is an apple grower in West Virginia and has had very severe fire blight in his orchard the past several years. Here is the testimonial that he sent us! For [...]

In Focus: Three Questions With Frank Miele

We recently stumbled upon this nostalgic article written by Florida Grower magazine.  With today’s technology information is constantly at our fingertips. In the publishing world it seems that once an article is published in print, it’s already too late! Not in this case! Magna-Bon CS 2005 is still a viable solution for combating citrus canker. […]

Magna-Bon Presents Rid-A-Guard!

Magna-Bon has been serving the needs of the Florida citrus community for many years in the area of algae and bacteria control. As the needs of the citrus community grow and change, we too have grown and have diversified ourselves to better serve you. The rapid spread of Citrus Canker throughout South Florida has everyone […]

CCEP Approved Canker Wash

Magna-Bon Rid-A-Guard is a CCEP approved Canker Wash for decontamination of critical equipment. Cost-Effective and non-corrosive, Rid-A-Guard is the logical choice when protecting your valuable citrus has to be combined with cost-effective solutions that are safe for both personnel and equipment. Evaluate these important points and compare them against your current decontamination methods: Employee Safety: […]

Magna-Bon formally recognized in conformance with: ISO 9001:2015

“Magna-Bon II LLC has formally been recognized in conformance with: ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Registration. ; and has been granted a Certificate of Registration to: Manufacture and Distribute a Variety of Liquid Copper Algaecides, Bactericides and Fungicides for Agricultural and Commercial Industries” At this time CS2005 is registered and selling in 38 states ( See Contact […]