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Grower Feedback Wanted!

Are you using CS 2005 or CS 2005 D?


We are asking you to give us feedback on how CS 2005 is working for you.  We have had reports of good results in the field.

When spraying CS 2005 at the 250 ppm rate, we have reports of the canker lesions actually turning black and falling out of the leaves.  Follow up sprays at the recommended protection rate of 100 ppm and sprayed at 6 week intervals, have shown a halt to the spread of canker in these groves.  Have you had the same results?  How is it working for you?

We want to hear from You, the Growers, the People on the “Front Lines” of defense against the spread of citrus canker.  Please contact us and let us know your experience with our products.  We will post these results on our web site so everyone can see what is happening and how it is working.

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